How to be honest about your hard work

In network marketing, there's no educational, financial or industry experience required to get started. This is an amazing part of this business model, but it can also be the part that regularly sees us running into sticky situations.

We don’t have people who have gone before us and completed a training system complete with regulations. This can be great as we want to create an inclusive culture, but it means we often don’t consider the intent behind our actions and messages.

In particular, before we say something or post on social media, we should be asking ourselves, ‘what is the intent of this post of comment?’. If you are posting about your earnings for that week, the information may be truthful but often we forget to consider the intent behind the post.

Often our intent is purely to attract people to network marketing. When I was working as a lawyer, I didn’t ever say “this year I paid 170,000 in income tax, so you can guess how much money I made." I never did that. Because I wasn't trying to attract people to be a lawyer. Our intention could also be to give people the impression that that’s the kind of income you can make in network marketing and whilst this may be true, we’re not being entirely truthful in our messaging.

We often fail to give context such as how many hours we worked or how we have a background in business alongside a large network of great friends. Whatever it is, here is where we often run into trouble.

If you don’t put any context around what this business truly looks like and you just make it seem like it’s so easy that you can work from the beach every day - you aren’t framing networking marketing as a true business model. 

Don't try to make this seem like it's some sort of lottery. It's work and the people that are successful with healthy incomes, work a lot. Some of them get a little bit lucky and they meet some people who do really great things, but for the most part, the people who are consistently earning a decent income are working hard. I think we're so afraid to tell people the truth because we think they're not going to be attracted to hard work.

But the opposite is true because the people who are attracted to easy money and bling are not the people who stick around a long time. They're not the people who are loyal to your business. They're not the people who are changing things for the better, for the most part.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying great things. Nothing wrong with that at all. And I don't expect people to be prudish about it. I don't expect people to hide their success. Celebrate your success. Be happy with your success. Celebrate your team's success. I think that's amazing and important. Just be honest about it, because if you're not, it can cause long-lasting problems.

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