Gratitude – the bridge to creating more abundance

You’ve heard of driftwood, right? It’s those pieces of wood that wash up on to the beach. In our everyday life, there’s driftwoods washing up all around us that act as little reminders.

Your awareness of these reminders is something that must be cultivated. Once you start to cultivate it, you’re going to start noticing little signs and reminders that everything you want is on it’s way. Your life is being curated - you are the creator. Allow your awareness to have a presence and use it to start noticing all the positive situations that are starting to work in your favour. These signs - they’re all pieces of driftwood. The greater your awareness is, the sooner it will all come.

Remember, abundance isn’t what we acquire, it’s what we tune into. The quickest way to create more abundance is through a practice of gratitude and appreciation. Practicing gratitude and appreciation is what creates a greater sense of positivity. We need more of this energy in our lives.

Scientifically, it has been proven that people who practice gratitude are happier. They’re healthier, they’re more resilient, they have more success. People who practice gratitude have increased vitality, they have more hope. They don’t burn out as quickly, so they pay it forward, and in return they achieve more.

The practice of gratitude is a bridge to creating more abundance. Practice gratitude and appreciate and you will be led to greater abundance.

Start by writing down three things that you are grateful for today. They don’t have to be big, glorious things - keep it simple. Once you have landed on your three gratitudes, write down two people who you promise to verbally appreciate today. Two people that you are going to verbally tell how and why you appreciate them. This involves more than just bringing them to mind; you have to promise yourself that you’re going to have a conversation with this person and tell them why you appreciate them.

Again, it can be simple. If you have a partner in your life, show your appreciation for them by thanking them for making your morning coffee or helping you out the door with the kids. Maybe it’s someone in your team who’s shown up for you when you needed them most. It’s the verbal piece here that makes this truly powerful - not just a text.

Similar to gratitude, this practice of appreciation will cultivate a greater sense of abundance and joy in your life, everyday.

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