Gorgeous spreadsheets and other non-productive pursuits

Do you find yourself hiding in the activities that are easy and comfortable for you?

Maybe you make gorgeous spreadsheets or spend hours time-blocking your diary (looks so pretty!) – but take no action on income-producing activities. Truth is… sometimes even cleaning windows can be much more fun than doing the things we need to do in our business.

And let’s be honest… making great Instagram graphics is soooo much easier than starting conversations with people who are basically strangers.

We know that it’s crucial to “do the work”. But here is the KICKER: The real work is whatever it is that you might be avoiding. How confronting is that?

It's not always going to be fun. We do have to step out of our comfort zones to achieve great success, because all the good stuff really does live in our “learning zone”.

#RNM mentor Carmen explains it with such clarity in this video.

So breathe in, stand up tall and smile, because it’s time to find out what you're avoiding, and suit up. You are going in. All in.

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