Flashing the cash will make you crash!

Can I tell you why it might not be such a great idea to tell people all over social media what we earn through our network marketing businesses?

Well, the first reason is that misleading people about our income is actually classified as fraud by law, and so we really need to attach an income disclosure.

It's interesting because if you look at what the US Federal Trade Commission classifies as income flashing, it can be all sorts of things. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big cheque that we received on stage.

It can be as simple as always showing our fancy car, or our fancy holidays that we went on, and insinuating that we have this “rich” lifestyle that our network marketing business has created.

The “insinuation” is actually the problem because we're not being completely truthful about our income situation in trying to attract people into our business!

Why else is it not a good idea to be flashing our income around?

Well, how many other professionals do you see posting on social media about what they earned?

I think about my dentist. I don't know how I'd feel if he was posting how many millions of dollars he made this year, and I'm thinking, “wow, well, I knew it was expensive to go to the dentist, but that's really nice that it's all sitting in your bank account!”

I don't think that it really serves our customers to see us boasting about how much we've earned.

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