There doesn't have to be a loser. I can be successful and you can, too. I can be successful and they can, too.

My husband is a coach - this is his passion. He’s currently coaching my daughter’s volleyball team and they just had tryouts where he had to make cuts to the team. 

Through this process he received a lovely response from a concerned mother whose daughter was cut from the first team and allocated to the second team. Here, I want to talk about creating a win-win.

This girl was devastated that she didn’t make the first team and yes, of course, she’s good. But there are other people that are better. It doesn't mean that she's terrible, it just means that there's other people able to do what she's not yet able to do. 

A beautiful opportunity was created out of a phone call, with the mother, where my husband offered to coach her on the skill that she didn’t possess so that she can improve by the end of the season. 

So, although she was discouraged about being on the B team, a win-win opportunity was created. My husband offered to develop her skills so that she would feel more confident by the end of the season. We can apply this same lesson to our businesses. 

Maybe someone isn’t seeing the results that they desire. 

Here, you could suggest that they scale back their goal into two smaller milestones. Help them develop their skills that seem to be missing, as this may be what’s preventing them from the success they desire. 

Instead of just cutting them out, and focusing on the next best person, let them go away, establish their strengths, obtain new skills and be able to experience their own wins along the way.

Losing isn’t a loss, it’s actually an opportunity. All failures can act as pivotal, defining moments in your life that change your mindset and allow you to grow.

Ask yourself, where are you going and how do you want it to look? 

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