Excuses, procrastination and your big why

Have you ever suggested network marketing to a friend and they've looked at you like you have a screw loose? Then this Reality Check is especially for you.

We know! It's hard. It even hurts sometimes. Why can’t they just trust us enough to try it? Just to give it a go?

Our #RNM mentor Carmen thought her best friend was crazy until she started making in excess of $2000 a week from her network marketing business.

She looked at her own financial situation and realised something needed to give. She and her husband were working more hours than ever before and still going backwards.

But she looked at her bestie and thought “I’m not like her, I can’t do what she does”.

I bet you can see some of yourself when you watch Carmen share a little of her journey below. It’s hard to escape her logic. She has this way of hitting you square between the eyes with the plain, old truth.

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