Recently I've fallen in love with a concept I'm calling "enoughness". Let me tell you about it.

When the pandemic became not just a thing but THE thing, I found myself on a rollercoaster...

Week 1 was all about the fear and uncertainty that accompanied the 'new normal' we were told had arrived. Would I be okay? Would my business? How about the people I loved?

Week 2 was focused on action and high energy. "This is the time!" "Make hay while the sun shines!" "This is an opportunity. This is the time to go for it! Put the pedal to the metal!"

Week 3 had me asking how to hit pause. It felt like mother nature was sending us a clear signal to slow down, take time and appreciate the simple things.

These swings and roundabouts left me feeling conflicted. What was the right thing to do? Should I be driving hard to grow my business or taking a moment to enjoy the pause in expectations pandemic life provided?

It's taken me until recently to understand that there is no right answer. I get to choose! I get to choose what season I'm in, and the speed I want to move at, and so do you. We're all in a completely unique personal experience and situation, and what's right for me today might not be appropriate for you. Whatever we choose to do, it is enough!

Practising ENOUGHNESS is about getting clear on your personal goals, desires and values in this time, and allowing yourself with compassion to be able to choose which way to go: fast, slow, or somewhere in the middle!

What will you choose?

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