Imagine a shoebox, that holds 100 marbles. Eighty of them are white and twenty are purple. In network marketing, when you find someone who is a purple marble, this is the person who is going to show up. They’re excited, they’re teachable, they’ve got a big vision and they know how to get to work. They’re amazing!

It’s easy to wish that everyone was a purple marble, but they’re not. You’ll have to work through lots of white marbles to get to the purple. Your only job is to keep reaching in and contacting a variety of people.

I teach this lesson a lot, the white marbles aren’t wrong and the purple aren’t right. The white aren’t less valuable - this is important to remember. One of the reasons why I love this profession is because there’s a place for everyone. You need to make them feel as if they’re not the wrong colour and that you’re not only after purple. That’s the wrong mindset. This is about a concept, not an action. 

I’m so glad that I learnt this valuable lesson because, otherwise, I wouldn’t have received clarity on my business. I never would’ve experienced the paradigm shift in understanding that everyone in my business can offer value, somehow.

There is no comparison in this industry. Allow people to be who they are, and work with them. 

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