Do you have skin in the game?

The greatest lesson is understanding that you are the only variable in your network marketing business. You’ve already got world-class products, regardless of what company you’re in. You’ve also got a world-class compensation plan and world-class leadership. This is most likely what attracted you to your company.

You are the variable. It comes down to you drawing a line in the sand and being conscious of any limiting beliefs you possess.

When I started my business, I dropped every story and limiting belief that I ever had. I wrote them all down and when stories arose such as “I would have success but…”, “I can’t because….”, “I have set this goal a hundred times and not reached it”, I made a commitment to drop them, rather than creating another story around releasing them.

I dropped every story, I brushed every limiting belief off, drew that line in the sand and I went for it like never before.

There were so many moments where people told me that what I wanted to achieve, wasn’t possible. I even had corporate questioning whether I was going to be able to achieve my goals!

 I had such strong self-belief that nothing and no one was going to stop me. You don’t need permission from anyone else,  just make the decision to stop playing small and believe in your capabilities.

First and foremost, to get from unstuck to unstoppable, I had to draw a link in the sand. Even after doing this, my business plateaued .. this is just normal, right? We’d hit an amazing rank and achieved huge goals but we didn’t set ourselves up for the long game.

When this happened, I told myself that I would not allow this to happen again. I didn’t want to stay stuck. I had to draw another line in the sand.

All I had to do was remind myself of my commitment to excellence in business and knowing that I could play a bigger game. If I’m going to invest in my growth, then I’m going to show up. If I’m going to put skin in the game then I want a return on investment.

How do you get skin in the game? Even committing to the #ReDefineMe membership every month - that’s skin in the game! How are you committing to your goals?

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