I'm a language girl, and I don't like the language 'customer avatar'. To me, she's my best friend. I say "she" because I don't enroll men. I'm very clear about who I'm speaking to, and about who I want to attract into my business. I want to help you get clear on your messaging by being authentic to who you are.

I'm always baffled when people say they are confused about what to post on social media. You don't have to think about what to post when you know who you're talking to. You know her struggles. You know what she wants to see because you know how old she is, what she likes to wear, where she hangs out, and what her hopes and dreams are. I want to encourage you to create your own best friend. Meet mine; her name is Mia.

In the sunny city of Burleigh, you'll find my best friend. Her name is Mia, and she's 28 years old. Her friends describe her as vivacious and fun. She spends her weekend finding new adventures, working out and lives to be by the ocean. She dresses in active wear, shops at Kookai and Lorna Jane. So do I. Weird, that. Overall her style would be described as effortless.

She's not married but engaged to her long-term partner. They don't have any kids, but she can't wait to soon. On Instagram, she follows Jasmine Star, Danielle LaPorte and Celeste Baber because while she's ambitious, elegant, and educated, she's equally a sassy, bad-ass who is obsessed with laughing and women that live their best life. When Mia finds my Instagram account, I want her to feel inspired and connected, so she immediately falls in love with my message and content. I want her to see beautiful but real photos and to know that I sell freedom and a better way with network marketing and female empowerment.

She's a business development manager for a marketing consulting firm and earns $90,000 a year, but she knows she's worth so much more. If someone were to describe her in three words, they'd say she's passionate, driven, and lives with radical alignment. She's obsessed with soulful, engaging and thought-provoking books. She loves nothing more than curling up on the couch and watching documentaries but still indulges her passion for Game of Thrones (because, hello, bad-ass attitudes meets elegant style and intelligence). If she met Daenerys in real life, they'd be best friends forever.

She lives a life of harmony, so doesn't believe that guilty pleasures should be defined as so, because #balancebaby. But what brings her joy when she's not hustling her biz, or actively partaking in self-love is early bedtimes, putting on a documentary, drinking champagne, catching up with friends or going out with her fiance for dinner. Mia splurges on anything health-related. It just goes on and on and on.

At the end of the day when I'm showing up on social media, I'm not thinking about any top leaders that I might upset in my company. I'm not thinking about my mother-in-law who still doesn't even really get network marketing, but watches all of our stuff. I'm not thinking about the neighbour who might not like the F-bomb (I'm partial to that word). And that's my point. So many people are scared and indecisive, but I never have to think, "Okay, what can I post?", because I always know exactly who I'm speaking to and what she wants to hear.

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