Conversation remedies to crack the cult of criticism

In network marketing, people are buying WHO you are, not just your products. Enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for your gig is absolutely essential for great enrolling conversations with customers and distributors. What you say carries forward.

On the other hand, there’s one sure way to cruel conversations and conversions, and that is: comparing, competing, and bagging out other companies, people or products.

First up, it’s a major distraction. Then it comes across as unprofessional, weakens your reputation and, ultimately, damages your business. Gossiping is a big downer.

If you’ve been coached to have a sneaky dig at other industry players as a way to secure success, please delete from your toolkit! There is a MUCH better way.

Try this: share an uplifting perspective of our industry, be authentically positive, and demonstrate possibility through transparency and honesty. By leading your prospects through what’s great about your solution, you can be a remarkable ambassador. And you’ll be unforgettable in all the right ways.

Everyone wins when we reflect our best selves, and what’s great about our industry and peers.

Find out exactly what Anna has to say about quality talk. She’s the queen of building others up, and has a way of making everyone feel seen, heard and special.

Tune in if you have an inkling that your communication skills are holding you back. You’ll find a hint or two in this week’s video to make a swift and simple upgrade.

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