Connecting during this crisis

The pandemic we are facing presents choices and decisions. What do you see in your network marketing business?

Is it the potential to increase profits while people are feeling desperate by misrepresenting your product benefits and earning levels, or is it to deepen your relationships and throw yourself into service?

The choice you make will define your reputation - in network marketing, your your personal brand is your reputation and it has a massive impact on your success.

If we choose to adopt an attitude of service, rather than being the freaky-deaky network marketer who is just after a sale, we elevate not only our personal reputation but the perception of our whole profession.

The key to delivering fantastic service is to ask great questions. Until we know if there is a need, how can we best offer our support?

Asking quality questions that lead to more in-depth conversations takes practice, and there's no better time to pick up the phone and practise conversations that leave the receiver feeling good.

Not everyone you reach out to is going to want to talk to you, and that's ok. Your actions tell them that they are seen, you're there, and you care.

Some of the people you reach out to will be desperate for a conversation. To feel connected is one of our most basic human needs.

Many people living in lockdown are struggling with the lack of socialisation, particularly if they live alone. There are scientifically proven ties between isolation and poor mental health. Your phone call might make all the difference in someone's day. How good would that feel?

The people you are reaching out to might not have any interest in your product or service right now, but if you reach out to them with compassion, you'll be remembered for the support you offer.

In contrast, some of the people you call might be desperate for your product, service or business opportunity. Network marketing has the power to enable people to change their lives.

When people are seeking help, and we have a viable solution, it is our job to offer it up without attachment.

Many believe that the number one product of any network marketing company is its community. Welcome the searchers into your community and give them a taste of belonging if you have piqued their interest in your offering.

The hidden benefit in choosing to show up with an attitude of service, rather than opportunism, is that you will like yourself more, and that makes life a more pleasurable journey.

Putting a smile on someone's face may be a phone call away.

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