Coffee dates and social media hidey holes

Deep down inside are you a little (or a lot) fearful of talking to people? Then this week’s Reality Check may just speak right to YOU.

Do you just not enjoy the superficial chit chat? Are you trying to find a way to build your NM biz on social media so you don’t need to get out there and keep meeting people? Are you shrinking yourself and hiding right now?

Many of us are led to believe that the most important platform for communication in network marketing is social media, but Anna (our Queen of Instagram!) has another story to share.

We know from experience that the real connections – the juicy ones — happen off-line. These deeper connections let your prospects see you, feel your excitement, enthusiasm, passion, and authenticity, and allow them to feel they are important, to feel they actually matter.

As Anna says, the art and success of social media is in taking your network, built online, and moving it into real belly-to-belly connections.

You don’t have to hide! You can find a way to find the people you resonate with AND enjoy spending time them! You can find a way to show the world your beautiful self. We’ll show you how.

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