Do you ever find it hard to remember back to how you used to feel? This week’s Reality Check is about keeping in touch with where we came from so we can help others along the same windy path. Sometimes when we reach our goals we forget to look backward. We forget who we used...
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Deep down inside are you a little (or a lot) fearful of talking to people? Then this week’s Reality Check may just speak right to YOU. Do you just not enjoy the superficial chit chat? Are you trying to find a way to build your NM biz on social media so you don’t need to...
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You’re a professional, right? You know “stuff”, pride yourself on your expertise and for your ability to contribute valuable opinions and insights. You’re in the business of contributing your expertise to make a difference in the lives of your customers. So why aren’t your results reflecting the difference you make? In a word – relevance!...
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