Can I tell you why it might not be such a great idea to tell people all over social media what we earn through our network marketing businesses? Well, the first reason is that misleading people about our income is actually classified as fraud by law, and so we really need to attach an income...
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The truth we find so hard to digest: We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people achieve so much more. What’s that about? Is there some great secret you haven’t been let in on yet? Let’s face it, time is our most valuable commodity. It’s the one thing we can’t...
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Do you struggle with when to help and when to let go? This week’s Reality Check will help you figure out when you need to let your chicks fly. Linda spent four years learning the hard way that her networking marketing business was not an orphanage. She wanted success and happiness for people so badly...
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Ahh… here’s a super important little Reality Check for you…don’t take shortcuts!  Even if it looks so tempting. When you do the right thing, the thing within your value zone, the end reward is the best feeling ever. When you reach your goals in a way that compromises your beliefs, the success never feels as...
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