Like almost everything in life I believe that there are two sides to your happiness and success. First, you have to want to do it – you know, hit the goal, drop the kg's, save money to get on a holiday, do the detox or be more positive. And secondly, you have to work hard...
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In the movie ‘Collateral Beauty’, Howard (Will Smith) asks the question of his team – ‘what is your WHY?’ He refers to the reason that each of us as an individual gets up in the morning; the reason we do the things we do; the reason we make the choices we make; and ultimately, the...
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I heard an interesting stat today: in the summer 25% of couples fight about one thing, more than anything else. Can you guess what it is? It’s not vacations, packing, parties or pets. It’s about mowing the lawn. That it needs doing. Who’s gonna do it and how it gets done. Whatever the upset, 25%...
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