Care about people, not branding

As network marketers, we are our brand. This can be incredibly liberating, but it can also cause confusion.

On days when I don't know what to post, the temptation is to say something that I want to say, something in line with who my audience know me to be, something 'on brand'.

But I know that this temptation is a trap. My marketing should never be about me. It should always be about Mia and what she needs to hear.

If you haven't met Mia yet, she's my imaginary best friend. She may not be real, but she is the image of the woman I am looking to attract, and I know every intimate detail of her life.

I know her hopes, her dreams and her struggles. I know which leg she steps into her knickers first with, how she takes her coffee and her last holiday destination (Mexico FYI and she had a ball, despite the mozzies and the obnoxious guy by the pool).

Whenever I feel lost in the social media maelstrom, I remind myself that I know what Mia needs to hear from me in this particular moment, and that's what I post. It's never about me, it's always about her.

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