From callous cold-calling to conversations that convert

Have you ever had that person who sends you a message, out of the blue asking you to buy their product, or to support and join them, and you've had no regular contact in the past?

The first step, always, in network marketing is connecting; connecting with people on a genuine level, truly understanding where they're at in their life, and discovering whether they have a need for what it is that you're offering.

The thing that can make this industry icky and uncomfortable is when people are out there with the motivation to purely connect with people in order to sell them their product. This often takes place, rather than truly building a relationship, identifying that they may have a need and then being able to provide a solution for that need that they may have.

It feels so much better when you can actually build a genuine, authentic relationship, making friends along the way, so that your message isn't caught up in just being that person who's trying to sell your product or your solution onto all of your friends.

My advice, always, is … don't be that person just to message people to sell them something! Be that person that is so inspiring, that is so likeable and that really, genuinely cares about the person you’re speaking to. If the opportunity does come up for you to offer what it is that you do, make sure that it's in a comfortable space.

The intention around connecting with people, purely to sell them your product without even asking any questions, is what is going to most likely make things harder for you, long-term.

Imagine a space where you can actually create these relationships. They're genuine, they're solid and people know exactly what it is that you do and what you have to offer.

Then they are more likely to come to you asking you for it, and all of a sudden you have attracted people who are saying, “I want what you have because I really like the way that you do business, and I would love to partner with you!”

Now that’s an impression you want to make.

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