Being strategic vs business strategy

In my role as a business coach, I spend a lot of time helping people understand the distinction between being strategic and having a business strategy.

Here are some examples of poor decision-making, posing as strategic:

> You and your partner are bickering all the time, and decide to fix it by starting a family.

> You're flunking out of uni, so you switch courses.

> Life isn't turning out the way you thought it would, so you move across the world where you'll get a better job and find the partner of your dreams.

Unfortunately, being reactive rarely works. It will hide the boo-boo and allow you to feel like you're doing something proactive, but it won't fix the underlying issue.

In all of the above scenarios, the underlying issue is you, and while you continue to see the cause of your problems as something outside yourself, you're powerless to make a lasting difference.

When you bring this approach into your business, you'll continue to miss the mark. You'll see a lack of results as a problem with customers, a drop in market conditions, or even get sidetracked by old beliefs around worth and money. Anything but 'owning' it.

To cut through this, you need a business strategy. Business strategy is about taking your goals (the who and the how many), and knowing exactly how you'll go about adding value to these people's lives. It will help you find the fastest way to get there.

Once you're in your strategy, you'll take full responsibility for everything in your business that is going well, as well as everything that needs improvement. It means addressing your challenges head-on rather than making excuses that lead to poor decisions.

Business strategy will help you to get conscious about how to make a difference. Once you start making a difference for your customers ... well, that's when you'll get paid!

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