Life is short, and it can be taken away in an instant. There's nothing like a global pandemic to provide a stark reminder of this fact. To help this concept really sink in, grab a piece of paper and draw a 9 x 9 grid.

According to Dr Google, the average life expectancy of women in the western world is 81 years, so start at the top left corner and start crossing out a box for every year you've been alive.

What do you see? If you're like me, you see that half of your boxes are probably already gone....

When faced with my mortality, my first thought was 'oh crap', closely followed by 'how have I wasted so much energy stressing about things that just don't matter?'. Before I waste more time focusing on things I can't change (like everything that has happened up until this point) let me get to the heart of the matter.

What are you waiting for? Network marketing is a vehicle that can take you wherever you want to go, but 'someday' is not a destination. Someday won't solve your problems or help you reach for your dreams. Someday is procrastination, excuses and fear. You are running out of somedays!

What if someday was today? What if today you got out of your head, plonked your butt in the chair, and did the work? What if today you decided you were worthy of your deepest desire and stopped the self-sabotage?

A year from now, today could be the anniversary of when you gave up someday and started truly living your life.

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