Avoiding the comparison trap

I never wake up with the intention of entering comparison mode. It just doesn’t happen that way! If I could predict it, then perhaps I could manage it better - but it always creeps up on me. One small interaction can plant a detrimental seed. It could be a Facebook post, a comment or something else that triggers me.

I stand by the belief that whatever we lend our attention to, we give energy to. So, if I’m in a negative mindset or I’m lacking confidence for whatever reason, I start to feel down on myself and enter straight into comparison mode.

When I allow the seed to grow, it becomes a nasty weed that takes over. This results in me becoming small - fast. I become quiet as the negative voice overbears my authentic self and I start to believe that negative voice. 

Then, I start feeling less motivated because I believe that everything I engage in will end up as a failure, so why bother? I can see myself self-sabotaging. 

We should know better, right? Everyone tells us to not get caught up in the comparison trap. It’s not that I don’t love other people succeeding, I do! It’s only once in a while that I manage to not make it about them anymore but I trap myself and make it about me - in a negative way.

It’s crazy that somebody else’s success could be related to my downturn and to me not accomplishing my goals. The further I let these thoughts evolve, the more poison it is. So, the first thing I do is to do something that makes me feel good. Allow the big goal to sit there, it’s always going to be there - look for a small win instead.

What is one small win that you could feel proud of? What’s one thing that you can accomplish that you know will make you feel great? Perhaps you’ve eaten really well today or exercised, maybe you went for a walk and made a new connection.

Identify the small wins and start building on them. It’s the fastest and most effective killer of the silly old comparison game.

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