Recruitment and retention are the two most important components of a network marketing business. Firstly, you have to find people and when you find them, you want to retain them. It takes a lot less effort to retain people than to keep churning and burning. One thing I always ask is, “What do you want? What do you want out of this?”.

Once you become clear on what someone wants, you will know how to help them. You can meet them where they’re at. If they only want a thousand dollars per month, it’s not worth trying to convince them to make a million dollars a year. They’re going to leave your business very quickly. 

For me, it’s always been about leading from the front and recruiting people into our team. The sense of community is why our business thrived, even when most other teams in the company struggled. 

For example, we’ve always focused on investing in ourselves and certain people within our team, as well as rewarding great business behaviour. Start rewarding even the small wins.

We’ve always celebrated someone recruiting a new customer or hitting a new rank - it encourages them to keep going. 

Gather with your leaders and work with them. If you can create even a few success stories, that’s great! Creating new success stories is highly beneficial for your business as new customers will resonate with different stories. Some people can see themselves earning $5,000 per week, others, only $600 per week. These stories will help you meet people where they’re at.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. It all starts with us. Imagine that you have a brand new person in your team who is shadowing you. They’re going to mirror each of your actions. From the moment you reach out, you’re actually training this person: whatever you do for them, is what they believe they have to do for their people.

Develop good habits and create a community for your people. Collaborate with other leaders, even if they’re from another team. There’s so much power in getting a big group together. It gets people excited!

I’d like to leave you with this... 

A question I always ask people is, “With what you’ve done in the last week, would you hire yourself?” Most people in your teams wouldn’t, because they’re not taking action and they don’t have anyone to keep them accountable. Be a great leader and encourage others to do the same.

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