Redefining Network Marketing
Network marketing can be a rollercoaster of emotion, especially when the people who matter the most to you say no. It can feel really hurtful. Our Reality Check this week is here to help you through that. Not everyone understands network marketing like you do … they don't get it (yet, or maybe ever!). Martene...
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Imagine you wanted to stop playing the comparison game. This week’s Reality Check is a real treat and talks about how to take charge. Does an hour in the FB scroll hole vibe you up, or leave you feeling a bit defeated? Do you go to events and feel excited for possibility, but then wonder...
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Do you ever feel like no matter what you do you keep hitting the wall? There is always too much to do, there are not enough hours in the day and stuff keeps cropping up – the kids get sick, the rellies show up, or you get called in for overtime at work. Arrrghhhhh!!! Then...
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The path to greatness is along with others ~ Baltasar Gracian
We are delighted to launch the Redefining Network Marketing website. Redefining Network Marketing is a movement by women for women, to elevate networking marketing across companies all over the world. We are adding more mission, meaning and mastery to our profession for business and life. Let us know what you think to the website. We'd...
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