Authenticity will always win the day

Have you ever excitedly told someone about your new business only to face a barrage of abuse, scepticism or misconceptions?

If so, you're not alone. People can be harsh about network marketing.

Like it or not, there's a stigma associated with network marketing, and to be honest, it's not entirely unwarranted.

Some of the crap that went on in the seventies, eighties and even the nineties was not cool.

People got burnt by unethical behaviour that over-promised and under-delivered and irreparable damage was done to relationships when friends and family were pressured or even ambushed into joining an 'amazing opportunity'.

The ghost of network marketing past is probably here to stay for a little longer, which leaves us with a choice.

We can embrace, model and defend the methods and behaviour of thirty years ago and charge ahead. While we might achieve a measure of success, we're likely to add to the carnage of the past.

Alternatively, we can acknowledge the missteps of our predecessors and chart a new course.

Over the last ten years, network marketing has graduated from industry to profession. The fastest-growing businesses on the planet rely on referrals, and so does our business model.

Own that!

Ask yourself who you want to be in this business and then be that authentic leader who adds value to the lives of her customers and business partners.

If you can hold your actions up to the microscope of integrity and stand tall, it's time to stop apologising for the business model you've chosen.

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