Sales is not a dirty word. People can only experience your products and services if they buy them. So you have to be okay to ask for the sale and have that happen. A lot of people struggle with this which is why their sales conversion rates aren’t great. 

Have a look at where you feel the weirdest in a conversation because this will highlight where your baggage and limiting beliefs around money are. If you don't ask for the sale, it's a way to sabotage yourself and there'll be some undervaluing or awkwardness about how you talk about money. 

The way we improve our conversations and conversion rates is about what we say, how we say it, and who we’re being when we say it.

If I am congruent inside and out. I have the belief that everyone it suits will complete my program.

Do I convert everyone? No. But it’s my stand that’s important. 

Whenever I talk to someone, my intention for them is to do my program. If I find it’s not for them, that’s totally okay - I’ll just book them in for a second call. If you work on your own stuff around money, your results will improve and your conversions will go up. 

Remember - sales is not a dirty word!


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