Are you meeting people where they’re at?

Often, we tend to attract who and what we are. As I've gone on my personal development journey, and invested in myself, I’ve grown as a person. As I continue on this journey, I find I am now recruiting better people than I've ever recruited, and it's because of how I'm showing up.

So have a think about that stressed out mum that wants a couple of hundred dollars a week, you can still find those people. But, also have a think about finding people who already have an element of success in their life, whether it’s through sport, career or business. You’ll find that their skills are transferable and, therefore, you’re going to enable your impact and mission to be far greater - because these people are going to be able to reach more people and have a greater influence.

Now, I'm not saying don't help mums who want the extra couple of hundred dollars a week, it's just going to be a lot more work. If you're working with women who want $200 a week, and you're talking about creating a vision, they're probably not going to take a lot of action.

Whereas if you meet them where they're at, by understanding they only want $200 per week or month, think about how you can help them enroll a few customers so that they can reach that goal. Build a relationship with them by inviting them to the next company event or giving them a book to read. As you grow their mindset and their self-belief, their belief in network marketing will also grow and their goal may rise to $500 per week.

For me, in the beginning, I just wanted to replace my income and retire my mum, that was it. As I've grown, my vision has become far bigger. But most people don't believe that they can have a significant impact, especially if they’re stressed or burnt out or they feel as if they’ve lost their purpose in life. It’s hard enough for them to get past the end of the day.

Detach from the outcome and look at the results - make that your feedback, but just take action. I get so many no's!

I had a lady who I used to nurse with comment on my live the other day, telling me that my sales tactics are tiring. She said, “your products are great and I like using them, but just quit with all the selling... it's just exhausting!”  And I wrote back encouraging her to unfriend or unfollow me. 

My mission is to help people believe in themselves and be aware of the people around them giving them advice when those people might not always have their best interests at heart, nor the expertise.

Look for that upleveled person. Think about who the successful people are in your life.

A perfect example of this is when I see the kinder mums. They often ask me, ''What do you do?”, “How do you travel so much?” and I don’t share many details because I know that they don’t love network marketing.

I simply show up as the best version of me and share how grateful I am, how happy I am, and how miserable I once was. If they ask, I will share more details with them.

From this experience, one of those women has reached out to me just because of how I was showing up. As you’re going about your day, living your life, how are you showing up? Do you leave people feeling better for experiencing your presence? Do they want to be around you?

If you’re having fun in life, you don’t need to be anyone else. It’s about being the best version of you so that we can bring people value and offer something that separates us from the rest.

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