Are there noisy backseat drivers in your car?

This week’s Reality Check is all about helping you to figure out WHO is driving your car.

For most people FEAR is not only sitting in the back seat, telling you where to turn, when to stop, and how fast or slow to go, it sometimes jumps in the front and turfs you into the boot!

We are geared by our survival brain to look for what is wrong, what isn't working, and what may be a danger. We are so often on high alert.

But once we know we are safe, we can move into our heart space and make decisions from a place of love, instead of defaulting to our head space and making decisions from a place of fear.

Linda will help you see it more clearly in this video.

When your higher self taps into your fears and overcomes them, you can finally ask that magical question of ‘what if?'

What if you could be really great at this?

What if you could change your family's life?

What if you could experience more magic and choices and freedom?

What if you could dust off that bucket list and really begin creating the life of your dreams?

Identifying and mastering your fear with allow you to use your gifts and vastly magnify your purpose. You just need to know how to tap in.

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