Adopting a giving mindset

One thing I try to facilitate with my team members early on is a shift in mindset from "what can I get?" to "what can I give?".

Sometimes, people mistakenly think that the time for giving is once you have already earned. But what I've found over my last ten years in this business, is that most successful people adopt a giving mindset long before they have their financial rewards.

To give is defined as "to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation", yet often I find people narrow their definition of what it means to give to a monetary cost.

Yes, you can spend dollars to give, but it doesn't have to cost you many or even any. Let's face it, it doesn't require a lot of money to hand-write a card, and you can give away smiles for free.

Often I find that people value my time, attention and energy more than the gifts I give.

The moral of this story is, don't wait to give. There is no better time than now to act with generosity.

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