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Shannon Beard

Compassionate Creator

A nurturer and empath who has a passion for creating marketing magic to enable her community to flourish and thrive, she delights in witnessing women evolve to their highest alignment and personal power.

Vira Higgins

Ease Facilitator

In counselling, systems, homes and businesses, she solves problems and creates beauty. With deep care for people and a drive to understand, her skill is turning chaos into order, challenge into ease.

Cristina Raposa

Content Scout

Filipina with a resting duck face, wanderer, fire dancer, wave chaser, freediver, kind of digital nomad. A seeker who scouts out the juicy content for all platforms social, and delivers it to you fresh and frequently.

Editorial Contributors

The mavens who can teach you what you need to know now

Anna Richards

New Rebellion Leader

This universal lover balanced with a wild child is a speaker, coach and life enthusiast who leaves everything on the table every day. She leads with epic honesty and believes in chasing down dreams and making magic.

Beth Hanishewski

Relationship Wrangler

International trainer, author and coach, who’s shared the stage with some of the world’s top speakers. Known as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of coaches, for her knack of simplifying the most complex problems into small achievable steps.

Carmen Rumsey

Truth Teller

Multi-industry entrepreneur who gets the job done. An introverted intuitive who radiates composure and certainty, and moves women to listen, learn and laugh, and to do what they never imagined.

Jennifer Schultz

Talent Curator

Industry top earner, simplifier, visionary, business owner and mentor, her special gift is seeing greatness in people and connecting them to create change and do good. Generosity is her superpower.

Justine Bloome

Magnetism Guide

Justine uses her gifts in marketing and meditation to mentor network marketers to become truly magnetic.

Kim Klaver

Marketing Maven

Harvard grad who’s helped thousands of aspiring network marketers to leave behind the hypey sales shiz by learning real marketing, promotion and sales skills. She’s been 27 years in industry and is a top earner in 6 companies.

Linda Evenden

Dream Supercharger

Coach, speaker and industry top earner, passionate advocate for creating a better network marketing experience for women all over the world. She has given 9 years of heart and soul, leading a global team of thousands.

Martene Wallace

Authenticity Ninja

She leads a team of thousands by going first and owning her all – the good and the not so good. She is willing to have the hard conversations and models possibility by combining hard work and fun.

Sandy Cantin

Corporate Connector

35 years experience on both sides of the desk (corporate and field) in North America, Asia & Australia. She passionately believes “build the people and the people will build the business”.

Sanja Zeman

Success Architect

Advisor and mentor, with 25 years experience as a business consultant, she challenges traditional thinking around the physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive and social components of what drives success.

Tracey Sofra

Money Magician

She is an accountant with more who makes money fun and teaches women to become finance savvy. This is about pathways to financial freedom and enabling women to live, work and play however they choose.