July 21, 2017
We create our beliefs and values through our childhood money moments, and reinforce them as adults by our behaviours and habits. Our financial decisions are never just about money; they are always based on our values. Your money values are neither good nor bad, but it’s important to know them so you can align them...
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Sounds weird, right? Because most of you reading this will identify as network marketers. But network marketers are immensely popular – nowhere. Everyone thinks we’re all terrible people – or that what we do is ‘icky’ and we kind of deserve it. We’ve brought it on ourselves. ‘Network marketer’ typically means someone who uses their...
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I heard an interesting stat today: in the summer 25% of couples fight about one thing, more than anything else. Can you guess what it is? It’s not vacations, packing, parties or pets. It’s about mowing the lawn. That it needs doing. Who’s gonna do it and how it gets done. Whatever the upset, 25%...
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